Clarion Engineers & Tech. LLP.


Single Screw Reciprocating Extruder (PCS 46)

Relying on our know-how in the industry gained over years, we, as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Single Screw Reciprocating Extruder (PCS 46) have put us in the top band of the industry. It can be easily cleaned in a short time span. Our customers can also save their costs as it consumes less heat and power. It also takes lesser time and energy in case of a power failure.



  • No need of additional lab extruder for product development, shade / color matching, RM testing
  • Easy & fast cleaning due to short length, easy & fast cooling due to water heating system
  • Wide range of products can be produced on single screw extruder - like PU, PTFE, low curing, etc.
  • Running cost is low as compared with Twin Screw - Low Power, Low heating cost
  • Small batches can be easily possible
  • Thorough cleaning is possible in small time span.
  • Consistence product Quality possible due precise Temp Control, no problem of jamming, no problem of product deletion
  • Low maintenance cost as compared with Twin Screw
  • Modular design of Screw Elements to felicitate the change in kneading / feeding lengths
  • Thru Cooling Shaft - ensures the controlled process temp. / easy cleaning of screw & avoiding deletion in the barrel.
  • process length is much less than the Twin Screw extruder, ensures less residence time for product.
  • machine is easy to operate
  • If power failure occurs - takes less time / less energy for restart
  • Due close loop heating cooling system - load on chilling gets reduced drastically


  • Fine processing is limited to certain extent ( in case of rejection processing)
  • requires extra care to be taken
  • Spares cost is high ( but / kg cost is low as compared with twin)
  • Thorough Cleaning is time consuming / you may need to keep spare set of Screw Shaft